performing arts category

Does the desire of becoming famous and successful not let you sleep? Has your performance ever made an impact on the audience around you? Does your voice have the potential to mesmerise the crowd? Can your dancing moves set the stage on fire? Can you connect with the audience and make them giggle? If the answer to all this is yes, then Masterpiece 2.0 by Living Talent will help you accomplish your dreams and fulfil all your aspirations!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the following names- Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Shakira, Jennifer Lopez, Eminem and Beyoncé? Of course, these people are famous and Rich! One thing that is common between all these people is that they all had humble beginnings and their Talent and Skill helped them achieve whatever they have ever dreamt of!

At Living Talent, we strongly believe that every performer needs right platform and stage to showcase their talent. We are going to give you this! We believe in making the dreams of all the deserving participants come true. Our organisation aim is to change the lives of people and help them grow. Masterpiece 2.0 will ensure that every single move that you have been practicing alone for hours and hours will pay off now!

In view of this, we bring forth 'Masterpiece 2.0’, world’s first intercontinental talent hunt to provide a launch pad towards nurturing the future of talented Individuals to be held in BANGKOK in October 2018

We strongly believe that “Everyone is unique, has different talents and abilities. One does not have to always follow in the footsteps of others. Most importantly , We should always remind ourselves that we don't have to do what everyone else is doing'' Thus, at Masterpiece by Living Talent, we provide a strong platform and take up the responsibility wherein we would help nurture the innate talent of individuals.

Our aim and vision is to provide the citizens of not just a single city, country or continent but the whole world with a platform to showcase their Performance Skills and innate talent.


  1. Dance (all forms)
  2. Dramatics
  3. Acting
  4. Playing Musical Instruments
  5. Stand-up Comedy
  6. Oration
  7. Magic Show
  8. Singing
  9. Choreographed performances
  10. Acrobatics
  11. Poetry
  12. Mimicry

Past Event

We have already organised a successful event MASTERPIECE 2017 IN the glamorous city of Dubai on 13th-17th Dec at Dubai festival city. It was a journey of 225 participants with their respective companions who came together from 11 different countries. Since it was an intercontinental event we also got the best of the judges from around the globe like: Lauran Gottlieb, Irfan Khan, Sophia Charai and many more surprise judges. The event went spectacular as it was brimming with huge crowd. All the participants were very excited, enthusiastic and were looking forward for the finale. The winners were content and happy as they had a fabulous journey to their victory and the participants were equally honoured being the part of MASTERPIECE 2017 and had great things to share.

Past Judges

Our World famous Judges for the event were Hollywood and Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, Bollywood actress Richa Chadda, American dancer and actress Lauren Gottlieb, Indo Canadian singer, performer, songwriter, composer, producer and Hip Hop artist Ishq Bector, French Singer Sophia Charai.

Registration Process

Judging Parameters


Engagement with Audience

Judging Process for Performance Category:

A screening team of 5 Jury members who expertise in the field of Performing Arts will select the best 50 entities (group, duet and solo combined) for the semi-finals who will travel to Bangkok for the competition.

Semi-finals: These 50 semi-finalists will have to give a 3 minutes Performance for the Semi-final round. 15 entities will be selected out of these and will move on to the Final Round.

Finals: 15 entities will have to give another performance of 3 minutes for the Finale round.

Only one winner will be selected out of the final 15 based on the performance and will be crowned winner of Performance Category for Masterpiece 2018.

Competition Guidelines