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“A really great talent finds its happiness in execution”- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (German writer and statesmen)

And as per the quote above, that is exactly what we want to provide to individuals working in the sphere of business and innovation. Do you think of becoming the next Einstein? Do you want to be the next Jobs or the next Gates? Do you have the hunger and passion to create something that will change the world and affect millions? If you do then let us invite you to Living Talent’s Masterpiece 2.0. Our aim is to provide the citizens of not just a single city, country or continent but the whole world with a platform to showcase their innovations and business ideas.

Living Talent’s Masterpiece is a platform for aspiring innovators and businessmen/businesswomen to compete at a global level and present their ideas/businesses to a world class jury. Anyone above the age of 18 years as of 8th October 2018 and belonging from any part of the world is eligible to participate for compete for the grand prize of 10,000 USD, a 5 day trip to the exotic city of Bangkok, Thailand and a chance to be mentored and funded by our jury who are experts in the field of innovation and business.

Past Event

We have already organized a successful event Masterpiece 2017 in the glamorous city of Dubai on 13th-17th Dec at Dubai festival city. It was a journey of 225 participants with their respective companions who came together from 11 different countries. Since it was an intercontinental event we also got the best of the judges from around the globe like: Lauran Gottlieb, Irfan Khan, Sophia Charai and many more surprise judges. The event went spectacular as it was brimming with huge crowd. All the participants were very excited, enthusiastic and were looking forward for the finale. The winners were content and happy as they had a fabulous journey to their victory and the participants were equally honored being the part of Masterpiece 2017 and had great things to share.

Past Judges

Alumni of Georgia Tech and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Mr Mayur Ramgir is best known as the international best-selling author of the books ‘Unbarred Innovation- A pathway to greatest discoveries’ and ‘Evolve like a Butterfly- A metamorphic approach to leadership’. He is also the founder and owner of Zonopact Innovation Labs (ZLab is endorsed by Shark Tank Celebrity and Inventor of “As seen on TV” Kevin Harington) which is an open innovation hub where everyone can participate without any limitation on age, race gender, educational qualification or grades whatsoever. Finalist of the 2017 World Technology Awards, his expertise in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship has earned him recognition by CBS, FOX business, Forbes and Bloomberg press to name a few.

Mr Roopam Sharma is the crème de la crème of young social innovators you can find on the face of the earth. At only 23 he is the recipient of Gifted Citizen Prize 2016, MIT TR35 by Technology Review, Nominet Trust 100, Indian President’s National Youth Award 2017 and the winner of Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2015 and Yahoo Accenture’s Innovation Jockeys Seasons 3, 4 and 5. A social innovator and a citizen of the world as he likes to call himself, is also the creator of Manovue which is the technology which enables visually impaired to read printed text and is meant to replace the Braille language.

Judging Parameters

For innovation category

The following parameters will be used to judge and select the best innovations/businesses so the participant is expected to be able to answer the following questions and questions along similar lines:

For Business ideas/Startups

The following parameters will be used to judge and select the best business ideas/startups so the participant is expected to be able to answer the following questions and questions along the same line:

Competition Guidelines

Certain guidelines need to be followed to be eligible to take part in Masterpiece. The guidelines are as follows: