Art and craft category

“They can put me in a jungle, Still I can create” – M.F. Hussain (Modern Indian Painter)

The creative art and craft work is a collection of disciplines which express an aesthetic truth. It is compelled by a persona of the artist and always conveys a message or symbolism for the perceiver to interpret the story being told by skills used. It is something that stimulates an individual's thought, emotion, beliefs or idea through the senses. Art & craft is considered the process of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. It encompasses a diverse range of human activities, creations and ways of expression, including music, literature, films, sculpture, paintings and many more.

We at Living Talent aim to search for artists who are originative, imaginative and innovative. Artists who not only portray their art but also evoke life in their masterpiece.With this aim in mind, we have come up with the most discrete concepts for our events. We at Living Talent aim at getting the best of talent from all around the world and provide them with an international platform to compete with each other irrespective of geographical boundaries. We hope to touch their lives for the better by giving them a life changing experience.


  1. Paintings / Sketching
  2. Handicrafts (Including Pottery)
  3. Best from Waste
  4. Origami / Paper Mache
  5. Bonsai
  6. DIY
  7. Any other

Past event

We have already organised a successful event MASTERPIECE 2017 IN the glamorous city of Dubai on 13th-17th Dec at Dubai festival city. It was a journey of 225 participants with their respective companions who came together from 11 different countries. Since it was an intercontinental event we also got the best of the judges from around the globe like: Lauran Gottlieb, Irfan Khan, Sophia Charai and many more surprise judges. The event went spectacular as it was brimming with huge crowd. All the participants were very excited, enthusiastic and were looking forward for the Grand Finale. The winners were content and happy as they had a fabulous journey to their victory and the participants were equally honoured being the part of MASTERPIECE 2017 and had great things to share.

Past judges

We take immense pleasure to share with you art & craft honourable judges’ panel of our past event in 'MASTERPIECE 2017':-

renu khera: A renowned Indian artist, the director of leading art & craft institute' National institute of fine arts' (NIFA) and the art director at London Academy of Visual Arts. Recently she was featured in a book “Can I to I Can” written on young women entrepreneurs who have achieved great success and she was also awarded 3rd Global Literary Festival Award in 2017 for her achievements.

conor walton: Studied painting at the national college of art & design, Dublin. Drawing from the long history of his medium while taking it firmly into the 21st century, Conor Walton creates paintings that reference contemporary issues such as environmental degradation, terrorism, and globalization. He has been awarded several prestigious awards namely Portrait Ireland 2005 Major Award, Don Niccolo D'Ardia Caracciolo RHA medal(1997), Royal Dublin Society Taylor Art Bequest and many more.

adam miller: He is an American painter based in NEW YORK. He is known for his large scale paintings inspired by baroque and mannerist art. He studied at the Florence Academy of Arts, Michael John Angel studios and Grand central academy of arts. His recent accomplishment is 'QUEBEC' a monumental painting which depicts prominent people from the history of Quebec and Canada.

Registration Process

Judging Parameters for Art and Craft

theme clarity: An artist’s artwork must have clarity by eliminating all obstacles between his idea and the observer. Simplicity leads to clarity which leads to idea being understood and appreciated by the observer. Just say what it is, simple English, make it rhyme and put a backbeat on it, and express yourself as simply and straightforwardly as possible.

originality: It is very essential that the artwork must have its own unique story behind it as it captures the attention of the observer straight-away. The artist should use the materials and idea in such an imaginative way that it would bring out a unique story.

quality of workmanship: An artwork should be of high quality and should justify the following points which are neatness, colour combination, texture and shapes used and good use of technique throughout the creation.

overall presentation: The artwork as a whole should incorporate all the above mentioned points and should come across effective, impressive and stand on its own. A unique sense of balance and harmony is what will make the artwork a true Masterpiece.

Judging Process for Art and Craft

A screening team of 5 members who expertise in the field of art and craft will select the best 50 participants (group or solo) for the semi-finals.

Semi-finals: The 50 semi-finalists will then travel to an exotic location for the competition where they will be given on the spot theme which they have to complete within the span of 7 hours and then our esteem judges will see in details their artwork and personally handpick the best 15 participants for the finals.

Finals: The 15 finalists will then again be given a theme on the spot and they will have to present their artwork in accordance to it within a time frame of 3-4 hours. Followed by a Q&A session with our judges for 10 minutes.

The winner will be selected out of the final 15 based on the presentation and will be crowned the Living Masterpiece 2018.

Competition Guidelines